PROPHECY! God is Just! God cares about Injustices that have Taken Place and is Bringing His Justice

LISTEN NOW!(Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!)Have you ever seen injustices taking place? So many injustices are taking place that we can begin to think that it has become the norm and there will be no justice to these actions. The truth is, God is just. He sees the many injustices that are happening, not only in your life, but also across the world. When we humble ourselves, opposed to being prideful, God sees our humility. God will go back and revisit the injustice in your life.

God showed Greg Lancaster that the seat of the evil will come down and the seat of the righteous will rise. This is indeed a season of breakthrough. Some people think that if breakthrough isn’t for the rest of our lives, then it’s not breakthrough. That’s not how seasons work. This is a season of breakthrough. Truth of the matter is that God is just. He faithfully served every injustice upon His Son Jesus Christ. Justice is coming. It is vital to remember, justice delayed is NOT justice denied. It’s time now, to get on the right side, on God’s side, and stand in agreement with his plans and purposes.
You can be deeply encouraged and inspired when you understand that God cares about the injustices that have taken place in your life and how He is bringing about justice. See the entire conversation to get a contextual understanding of God’s plans, how good His plans are for you, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: justice, courtroom, raining gold, gold flakes, prophetic word, prophecy, Holy Spirit, does God care about me? and hope. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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