The American Church is in the Valley of “InDIEcision”: Choose LIFE : John 14:6

Reportedly, 450,000 known terrorists have come into America targeting not just Americans, but also the Church. There are difficult days ahead and there are glorious ones too. There is a decision to be made. The day of decision is coming. Who are we going to serve? Having a Kingdom Vision beyond the difficulties will give us the wisdom to endure through these times. Without understanding this, we can miss the purpose of why hardships come.

By looking solely at actions, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Actions come from what is first taught. It matters what is being said in the name of God. The truth of God must be preached in love without compromising His truths. Resolving to blame or criticize won’t edify the church. When we understand that each one of us is in control of our own individual destiny, it empowers each of us to know that we have the ability to make the right decisions today. Continue Reading…

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