“There’s Another Level About to Happen”, Prophetic Word Delivered before Escambia County Commissioners of the Days we are Living in

It wasn’t our idea to be in Pensacola. God had previously spoken and directed the VFNtv Studios to be moved to Texas. As the final preparations before the transition were being made, God revealed a prophetic word to Greg Lancaster that was to be made known to the leadership in Escambia County. A previous prophetic word had been shared that a Coming Storm was about to happen. Speaking to people in Florida, it was understood in relation to weather and hurricanes. But, it was actually the financial storm that took place.

When Greg Lancaster stood before the county commissioners in June of 2013, he let them know, “There’s another level about to happen”. Natural disasters had already begun to increase in intensity as well as frequency. He didn’t stop there. He continued to pray for the leadership and speak more in detail, “As leaders, I just want you to know that we’re praying for you, that God would give you wisdom to help us through what is about to happen. Because, people are going to make demands of you…things are going to increase, they are going to escalate, and finances are going to be really tough.”
It then began to happen. Less than a year later, the city of Pensacola suffered over two feet of rain in less than a 24-hour period leaving many parts of the city in devastation, and some neighborhoods completely ruined. Regional, State and governmental leadership responded to the crisis. Governor of Florida, Rick Scott shared, “People are being evacuated from attics and areas never flooded before.” Florida Congressman Jeff Miller said, “We’re talking about, not a 25-year, not a 100-year storm, but probably a storm that may never have been seen a may never be seen again.” The same Biblical proportion of flooding then hit areas of South Carolina. When describing the aftermath, Governor Haley commented, “We haven’t seen this level of rain in the low country in 1000 years, that’s how big this is.” Continue Reading…

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