Uganda’s Thriving Business; The sacrifice of Children through Witchraft because of Greed- Is there any similarities to the 50 million plus abortions done in America since Roe v. Wade?

It is a saddening and horrific reality when we look at the 50+Million children that have been sacrificed at the hands of abortion since the 1973 passing of Roe v. Wade. But, this is not only happening in other countries, it is considered a “thriving business”. CBN’s George Thomas reveals the startling reality from the Uganda streets of Kampala. His reporting follows authorities and a pastor that are on the hunt for a local witch doctor, “accused of kidnapping and killing children”.

Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga reveals what the motive is for these witch doctors. “Witch doctors believe that when you kidnap a child, you get wealth, you get protection.”He continues to describe the horrifying picture of what witch doctors do once they get a child. “When they get a child, most times they, uh, cut the neck, they take the blood out, they cut the genitals, or any of the organs that the spirits want. In a sense, it involves the child dying.”

One mother shares the consuming grief and shock when she realizes that her three year old son, Clive, was kidnapped while playing in their backyard. As detectives continued investigating the case, the man who kidnapped Clive was “a wealthy businessman who hired two men to kidnap and mutilate Clive’s body.” His reasoning? He was hoping for prosperity in a business project. Mike Chibita, Uganda’s top law enforcement official, equivalent to the American Attorney General, says, “superstition and the desire to get rich quick contribute to high child sacrifice rates in his country.” Continue Reading…

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