A MODERN DAY MIRACLE FOR ISRAEL! 100 Year Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) 2017 is the year of breakthrough and many breakthroughs have been occurring! Businesses are experiencing breakthrough. Individuals are experiencing breakthrough. Also, there are exciting anniversaries being celebrated within Israel; the 50thanniversary of the Israel Unification as well as the 100th year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. Since the time of the Romans destroying Jerusalem, the Jews have been second class citizens in their own country. When the Balfour Declaration became a reality, all of that changed.
In a documentary commemorating this historic event, Christians United for Israel point out this significant moment that took place on November 2, 1917. This was the beginning process which established as “the modern state of Israel in the ancient homeland of the Jewish people”. It is so exciting to see how history has unfolded and the Jewish people continue to remember their heritage and the birth of Israel. Be reminded of the miraculous hand of God throughout the pages of history, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Christians United for Israel, CUFI, The Ottoman Empire, how was Israel formed?, the Balfour Declaration, and World War I. John shared in this segment. 

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