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Balancing the Trade Deficit and Bringing Jobs to America! President Trump Shares RECORD BREAKING numbers with Business Leaders from America and Japan
As President Trump continues the full-steam ahead progression in his Presidency, he continues to bring his wealth of knowledge in the business world to the relationships with world leaders as well as to the businesses in America. This couldn’t be exemplified greater than his recent speech to US and Japanese Business Leaders when he visited Tokyo, Japan.  While President Trump continues his 5 Country Asian Trip, he is representing America in an outstanding way and strengthening the bonds with our allies.
The President has continued to underscore the importance of improving the relationship of trade agreements with Japan for the betterment of both of our economies. The President isn’t shy to admit that Japan has been fairing better than the United States in this area. “And I have to say, for the last many decades, Japan has been winning. You do know that.”  The President continues, “For the, actually, last 70 years, cooperation between our two countries has helped us to pioneer incredible advances in commerce, in science, medicine, and technology.” The President points out that Americans and Japanese have been working alongside one another in a myriad of industries achieving marvelous accolades.
As the President speaks to the room of business leaders, he speaks their language as he addresses the topic that would perk the ear of any business leader, inviting more of their business to America: lowering taxes. The President also addresses some of the realities about doing business in America that is undeniable. “The United States is one of the highest-taxed nations in the world. But it’s also a market like no other; by far, the biggest market in the world. Its numbers are phenomenal over the last — since November 8th, Election Day.” By looking at the record breaking lows of unemployment, and the number of jobs created, increasing signs of improvement in the economy can clearly be seen. As the President describes the gains being experienced in the Stock Market, he expresses just how many times this has happened; “The stock market reached an all-time high on Friday, and that’s the 61st, I believe –something around that number — 61st time that’s happened.”
In the wake of America experiencing 4 different hurricanes making landfall this season, causing massive destruction to Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and other areas, the President points out that the GDP in the United States far exceeded any expectations. As some would expect a 2-2.5 GDP, the most recent numbers are 3.2, according to the President. As the President continues to explain, considering the effects of the hurricanes, this means that we may have been in the area of 4. Absolutely remarkable!
The President changes gears as he points out how the amount of regulations in America is crippling the ability to rebuild our infrastructure. As the President is cutting regulation, a bridge that would take 20 years to build, will now take one year to build, saving millions of dollars in budget expenditures. The President then applies this to the business representatives he is addressing by talking about production plants. “You want to build a factory – most importantly, to the folks in this room — or a plant? You’re going to have your approvals very, very quickly. Now, you may be rejected quickly, too. But that’s okay. If you’re rejected quickly — you don’t want to be rejected at the end of the 17th year.” This wisdom and decisiveness is simply remarkable. The President continues, “When you want to build your auto plants, you will have your approvals almost immediately. When you want to expand your plants, you will have your approvals almost immediately.”
On the topic of building production plants, the President speaks bluntly by asking Japanese auto businesses to build products in America versus building them in Japan and shipping them to America. “And we love it when you build cars — if you’re a Japanese firm, we love it — try building your cars in the United States instead of shipping them over. Is that possible to ask? That’s not rude. Is that rude? I don’t think so.” He then points out how Mazda and Toyota have decided to invest $1.6 Billion in manufacturing plants in the United States which will create 4,000 new jobs. In addition, the President explains how Denso will be investing $1 Billion in Tennessee creating 1,000 new jobs. Each time the President talks about these massive companies he takes the time to leave the podium and personally honor, recognize, and shake the hands of the business leaders. Other companies, such as Broadcomm and Foxconn is also carrying out expansions in America.
It is so exciting to see the President going to the source and handing business agreements with those who make the decisions, the leaders of the businesses. As America has suffered greatly in the area of trade agreements, these days are coming to an end. Be encouraged as you see the full statement from President Trump as he addresses the many business leaders, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: GDP, trade agreements, trade deficits, Gross Domestic Product, President Trump, the Trump Administration, stock market, business regulations, quarter earnings, Toyota, Mazda, business development, Boeing, and business relationships. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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“Our Alliance is More Important than Ever”, President Trump Press Conference with President Moon of South Korea
As the President continues his 5 country tour in Asia, he makes a stop in South Koreato strengthen the bond of our alliance with South Korea, and to use this opportunity to address the growing concern of a nuclear North Korea. As the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, expresses, the President’s highlights the first state visit from a U.S. President in 25 years. Both President Trump and President Moon had high remarks to share with one another.
President Moon was quick to address how their conversations were tackling the topic of North Korea. “Moreover, we agreed to work towards resolving a North Korean nuclear issue in a peaceful manner and bringing permanent peace to the Korean Peninsula.” President Moon continues, “Against escalating nuclear and missile threats from North Korea, we reaffirmed our principle that we must maintain a strong stance toward North Korean threats based on overwhelming superiority of power.” It is deeply encouraging to see President Trump taking these actions to demonstrate the high priority of responding to North Korea and his allegiance to defending countries like South Korea during this time.
President Moon addressed how their allegiance with one another will have an influence military troops in the region. “In this regard, President Trump and I agreed to expend rotational deployment of U.S. strategic assets in and around Korean Peninsula. We will step up our collaboration to enhance Korea’s self-defense capability to unprecedented levels.” Not only will there be a change to the military presence, but some of the previous limitations placed upon South Korea will be removed as well. “To this end, we reached a conclusion today to lift the payload limit on Korean missiles completely, with a final agreement”, President Moon added.
Presently, North Korea finds itself in a precarious situation. But, if they were to suspend their forward progress of their nuclear program, there can be hope in their future. President Moon expressed these words, “should North Korea choose to make the right choice, we also reaffirmed our view that we are willing to offer North Korea a bright future. Based on such common approach between our two countries, we will continue to lead efforts to bring peaceful and fundamental solutions to North Korean nuclear issues.” History will be the indicator as to how President Trump’s visit to the region and South Korea effected the volatile reality of North Korea.
As President Trump replied with his remarks, he shared the same sentiments regarding the allegiance with South Korea and the urgency to respond to North Korea. “The Republic of Korea is more than a longstanding ally of the United States. We are partners and friends who have fought side-by-side in a war, and, really, worked very hard and prospered toward a great and lasting peace.” It is considering this ‘longstanding’ relationship that President Trump underscores the necessity to relieve the tensions with North Korea. “We cannot allow North Korea to threaten all that we have built…Our alliance is more important than ever to peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and across the Indo-Pacific region.”
The President fully understands that North Korea’s continual rebellious missile launches are not only a threat to the region, but to the entire world. As the President expresses his thoughts on the North Korean regime; “We will together confront North Korea’s actions and prevent the North Korean dictator from threatening millions of innocent lives. He is indeed threatening millions and millions of lives so needlessly. North Korea is a worldwide threat that requires worldwide action.” As the President points out, the need for assistance not only comes from countries like South Korea and Japan, but also other countries in the region like China and Russia. President Trump clearly states, “All nations must implement U.N. Security Council regulations and cease trade and business entirely with North Korea. It is unacceptable that nations would help to arm and finance this increasingly dangerous regime.”
It cannot be understated the importance of recognizing the possibility that the United States could soon find itself at war in this region. It is deeply encouraging to see President Trump taking the conversation to the region and not simply resorting to a phone call. This matter requires much wisdom and prayer. Continue to pray for the President as he concludes the remainder of this 5 country Asian trip and responds to the matters involving North Korea, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: trade agreements, bonds with allies, President of South Korea Moon Jae-in, North Korea, missile payload capabilities, nuclear missile launches, Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, The Trump Administration, and hope. John and Steve shared in this segment.




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Balancing the Trade Deficit and Bringing Jobs to America! President Trump Shares RECORD BREAKING numbers with Business Leaders from America and Japan
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