Prophecy – BroDon Park: A Coming Move of God Starting on the Gulf Coast


By sharing words that express his own journey as a father, BroDon Park shares his heart desire is for the lost to be won. As a father of five sons, he has learned The Father’s Heart caring for, leading, and raising each of his sons as they have transitioned to men. As he has walked with the Lord, he has learned how God has been speaking to him about what God is doing. 

By spending his life on the Gulf Coast in Orange Beach, AL and Houston, TX, Park is no stranger to the realities of hurricanes and the devastations that result. As he was involved in the outreach efforts at ground zero immediately after Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ivan. While doing everything that he could to minister love to those in need, the Lord spoke to him, “I want you to pay attention to everything that you see here. Everything you see, I’m going to show you on a greater level.” Park initially thought The Lord was referring to another physical storm. On the contrary, what was happening in the physical, God was going to do through His Spirit. Continue Reading…

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