VFNtv’s Unofficial Field Reporter, Hananya Naftali, Reveals Reality of Hamas and Palestinian lies about Peace Proclamations with Israel

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) If someone were asked about their perspective of Israel, would they genuinely have a personal perspective about Israel, or would it be a regurgitated answer based from a sound byte of what the International community says about Israel? This is so important. In order to know what is happening in Israel, it is vital that we understand what is happening from the perspective of those that LIVE in Israel. As our unofficial field reporter from Israel, Hananya Naftali shares that perspective. As a Messianic Believer, and an IDF Veteran, Naftali understands, first-hand, many of the realities that are taking place in Israel.
As Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been going back and forth regarding negotiations for peace for decades, Naftali shares details on some of the most recent developments. Instead of signing an agreement with Israel, the Palestinian Authority has signed an agreement with Hamas. As Naftali describes, “Hamas is a terror organization. Hamas publicly announced they won’t recognize the State of Israel and that they want to wipe Israel off the map.” To give context to the situation, revealing the depth of deception that is being portrayed, Naftali points out how Mahmoud Abbas recently spoke to the International community at the United Nations, and his desire for peace in the region. Naftali continues to point out that the only mission of Hamas is to destroy Israel, “even at the cost of innocent Gazans.”
It cannot be understated that we cannot fall prey to the messages of the International community regarding Israel, and matters involving Israel. It is imperative that we continue to pray for the peace and safety of Israel, and be educated with truth about the events taking place within Israel. See the full story of what is happening in Israel, how Hamas uses resources meant for the Palestinian people, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: the IDF, Israeli Defense Forces, Hananya Naftali, Israel, pray for Israel, President Mahmoud Abbas, and truth. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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