Has Much of the Church Become Institutionalized? The Price of Freedom! Jesus Came So That We Could Be Set Free!

Rick Joyner has written multiple prophetic books that have been revealed to him by the Lord. In one of his books, The Call, he writes about an encounter that he had with Christians. From a distance, he could see that their sight was limited, but when he stood close to them, they could see. Turns out that they were seeing from the light that was in Rick’s life. What he was seeing is that some people are in, what could be described as, prisons. Around these gatherings of Christians were high walls, and on top of these walls were guards.


In Rick’s experience, he noticed there was one hole in the wall in order to escape. But, this hole was full of every fear imaginable. In order to pass through the wall, he would have to overcome every fear. With resolute determination to get outside the walls of this “prison”, Rick made his way through the wall. As Rick continued his journey outside this one “jail”, he noticed there were others jails that Christians could end up in. Continue Reading…
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“Jesus is the Will of God” says Todd White; “Jesus is Perfect Theology” says Bill Johnson. There is No Greater Demonstration of Perfection than Jesus Christ
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