It’s Okay to Raise a Family with Godly Values and to believe God for a Nation filled with Christians

It’s time for us to get busy about the Father’s business. There are so many political ideas being debated right now about how a nation can be won. As the Church, our greatest impact is to impact the heart of the nation. Each of us can do this by walking out our own lives of love and selflessness. When people come into contact with us, it is our testimony, and the life that we live that brings others to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Surprisingly enough, that man or woman may be a Senator, a school board member, or even a county commissioner. With simple acts of loving one another we can have a significant impact on our communities, a state, and even the entire nation. 

Our lives start with how we are impacting our immediate families. When we pour our lives into the lives of others, for generations to come, we can know confidently that it doesn’t matter what may happen to us, because who we are is being lived out in the lives of others. It may seem small, but a parent can do powerful things each day to greatly affect the lives of their families; speak out the things of God over their children, don’t agree with the lies of the enemy, and believe in the good plans that God has. Continue Reading…

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