“Jesus is the Will of God” says Todd White; “Jesus is Perfect Theology” says Bill Johnson. There is No Greater Demonstration of Perfection than Jesus Christ

Have you ever wondered what a life of perfection looks like? One Person walked that out: Jesus. Jesus walked out perfection and He wants us to do what He did in His life obeying the Father. 

Todd White, of Lifestyle Christianity, articulates this perfectly, “Jesus is the will of God. Anything you see in the life of Jesus is exactly what God would do and exactly what God would say.” White further points out, “Jesus never did anything apart from the Father, showing Him to do it. And, He never said anything apart from the Father, that told Him what to say.” This clearly points out how Jesus was so effectively able to minister and reach all of those that He continually encountered. Regardless of where Jesus went, as White highlights, “He preached, He taught, He healed.” Continue Reading…

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