Stand for what you BELIEVE: Speech by Congressman Trey Gowdy at Liberty University

Trey Gowdy has garnered quite the reputation as an outspoken Congressman with values and morals as he speaks out for the many issues that are foundations in our nation. Congressman Gowdy continually shared these words of values and morals when he spoke to a packed auditorium at Liberty University.

 As he addressed all of those in attendance, he comments that some may believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. With this in mind, he points to an interesting moment in history: The Melia Dialogue. It was a dialogue between two people, the Melos and the Athenians. On the verge of war, the Athenians comprised an army that dwarfed the Melians. The Melians refused to cower down and maintained their resolute efforts to wage war against the Athenians; all the way to their entire destruction. With this in mind, Congressman Gowdy asks this revealing question: “What do you believe in enough that you would march forward even if you knew that you were marching forward to a certain defeat?” Additionally, he asks this series of follow up questioning; “Which do you value more; truth or freedom? Unity or diversity?” Continue Reading…

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