The Bigger The Church The Fewer its Members that do anything for God, Duke University Study Finds

In our present culture, the belief that something is bigger means its better be true. But, is it true in the case of The Church? If having a larger crowd was always the answer, we have to be honest with ourselves. If this is true does that mean that Jesus missed it? Does that mean that Jesus was wrong? A report was recently released by Duke University  and the findings may be surprising to some. For this study, a “Mega Church” was those gatherings who have 500 or more attending.

For starters, the study revealed that, “a negative relationship between size and the probability of attendance for Conservative, Mainline, and black Protestants and for Catholics in parishes larger than 500 attenders.” What does that mean? The more people that are in attendance, the less of a relationship that someone is to have with the human being next to them. This is so important and revealing for us to understand. When we look at the life of Jesus, we see a stark difference compared to how The Church is seen today. Continue Reading… abdullah

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