As we begin this new year of 2018, powerful prophetic words have been recently released as multiple prophets recently shared with Sid Roth what the Lord had been showing them. Rich Vera was one of these prophetic voices to share, and the Lord showed him a mighty sight of what God is about to do upon the Church.

God said, “this year there is coming a release of the gift of discernment upon the people”. Vera continues to share the important wisdom that having the ability to discern what is taking place does not mean that we are to judge. As Vera continues, “discern, why? Not so we can tell who is wrong but discern so that we will not miss the things that God is doing in our midst”. As more and more false teachings are rising up, Vera continues to share this encouraging point; “God is going to give you the supernatural ability to discern when God is in the midst in spite of the things that sound like God or not, and you will be able to walk into what God has for you.”
God may have shown us what was taking place in environments that we found ourselves in, but we were not aware of how God speaks to us. Sometimes, we may have taken this information to believe that what God was showing us was in our own lives. You will be greatly encouraged as you hear wisdom about how to hear the voice of the Lord regarding discerning different situations you are in, as well as how many have been held back using prayer as an excuse because of fear, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Rich Vera, Sid Roth, It’s Supernatural, prophecy, prophetic words, Holy Spirit, discernment, judgment, depression, hope, and encouragement. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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