WREAKING HAVOC – President Trump; The Breaker Anointing; Historic Change First Six Months of his Administration – POTUS Shield

When we think or hear of the acronym P.O.T.U.S., we often think of President of the United States. But, the Lord has a different application of these simple letters: Prophetic Order of the United States. The Lord has recently spoken to Frank Amedia about this encouraging revelation and how it applies to President Donald Trump and the plans that God is carrying out during his Presidency.

“Don’t expect that this President is going to walk into a time of utter peace in this country. He has a breaker anointing.” Amedia points out that it is for this “breaker anointing” that President Trump has been put in place by the Lord. “It is by design, that when he opposes something, or when he is put into a situation, it is to shift it and to break it, and to turn it. And so, what we’re seeing is this churning at every level.” Continue Reading…
screen capture from youtube.com/Touch Heaven
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