COMPANIES WITH A CONSCIENCE: ROLEX & ORPHANS; Switzerland Orphanages now own them

In today’s culture of business, businesses should do so much more than simply provide a product or service or make a profit. People want to know how companies are giving back. People are looking for companies with a conscience. When Roy Williams recently sat down with Glenn Beck, he shared how some companies have already been doing this. As Williams describes, one of these companies is Rolex.

“Did you know that Rolex Corporation is owned, and always has been, by the orphanages of Switzerland?” Williams continues to share the heartfelt story of a man and woman that met at an orphanage and one day built an amazing company to be what we now know as ‘Rolex.’ “Whenever they passed, all proceeds of Rolex Corporation go to the orphanages of Switzerland.”
Very few people, if any, knew about this, until now.  Many people are in business and don’t care about the people who work for them, or the people who are coming into their businesses. People want to do business with those who they know care about them. How do you feel about companies that do business with a conscience? What are you doing to operate your business with a conscience? See the full conversation about the story of Rolex Corporation, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: business wisdom, Glenn Beck, Roy Williams, Rolex Corporation, a “We-Generation”, and Switzerland. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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