Overview of Jesus’ and Christianity’s Impact Through Out History

LISTEN NOW! Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Jesus has called us to transform nations. But, what does that look like? Bill Bright shared what the Lord revealed to him, that to transform nations, we must impact and transform all seven Mountains of Culture. When we look at every area of culture, and Christianity itself, we can see how Christianity has had a transformative impact on every area of culture.
Impact 360 Institute recalls the inspiring truth that “so much of what is good in our lives came about because 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth turned the world upside down.” No one else in history has transformed the cultures of this world, more than Jesus Christ. Or as Impact 360 Institute so eloquently puts it; “no other cultural influence, no other social movement, no other teaching, philosophy, or religion has done more to promote the well-being of more people than Christianity.”
Has your life been transformed by Jesus Christ? Have you see how your culture and society has been impacted by Jesus Christ? We want to hear from you. Share with us the encouraging perspective you have of the life that Jesus lived. See the full conversation of how Christianity has changed the culture of the world, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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