When we look back throughout history, there are many cycles of change that can be seen. According to Roy Williams and his extensive research of more than 3,000 years, the American economy has been carrying out the same cycle every 80 years. He calls it the “Pendulum”, and its details are written out in his book: Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future.
When sharing his research to Glenn Beck, Williams describes the extremes on each side of the Pendulum are the “WE” on the left and the “ME”, on the right. On the left side are ideas such as “I’m O.K. You’re not O.K.”, which results in a ‘witch hunt’. The right side carries with it ideas of “You’re O.K. I’m not O.K.”, which results in Hero Worship.
During extremes of the Me Generations arise individuals, whether it be Adolf Hitler or Ronald Reagan. This lasts for 20 years, and then it comes back down, which takes another 20 years. At the end of this 40-year turn, then a We Generation begins causing the entire process to take 80 years. When looking at this cycle, the tragedy of the matter is that we always take a good thing too far. It is this realization that causes the “pendulum” to come back down.
Moving into the We Generation greatly contradicts the values of the Me Generation”. The “We” says, “the group, the team, the collective”. Williams begins to share where we are today. “That’s where we’ve been since 2003. We’ve been in the upswing of a “We” cycle.” Continuing his point, he shares, “It’s your planet too. It’s my planet. We’re all in this together. Do you recycle?” In a “We” cycle, the demonstration of your actions speaks louder than the simple proclamation of what your dreams are.
Williams shares an insightful understanding of what takes place during the transition between the two cycles. “There is always some confusion in which way the wind is blowing right at the tipping point between a “We” and a “Me” or a “Me” and a “We”. And, we will carry forward some of the old behaviors and some of the old way of thinking, not realizing that the Earth has shifted beneath our feet; and people’s heads and hearts are in a different place now.”
Understanding these principles greatly impacts how we market our businesses. Consider the business model of Starbucks. They have completely capitalized on the concept that people care more about community than a cup of coffee. With this understanding in mind, what is your sitting area like? Can people sit around and talk? Right now, we are in a “We” Generation. Don’t simply connect to just anything, know that those that you are connecting to share the same values and ideals that you have.
How does this encourage you? Are you looking for a sense of belonging? Are you wanting to know how to better position and market your company in this We Generation? Connect with us and share. See the full conversation about the shifts of our generation, how to connect with what is happening, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Roy Williams, Glenn Beck, Adolf Hitler, Ronald Reagan, Me Zenith, Me Generation, We Generation, We Zenith, upswing, downswing, pendulum, pendulum theory, seasons, times, Starbucks, VFNTribe, VFN tribe, tribe, where do I belong?, and a sense of community. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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