LISTEN NOW! Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! It is beautiful to see people using the platform given to them by the Lord, to bring glory to the name of Jesus. NFL player, Zach Ertz, is one of these athletes. He is boldly unashamed of his faith in Jesus. Zach is married to USA Soccer player, Julie Ertz. When Josh was interviewed before he was part of the winning Super Bowl team, he was just as bold before as he was afterward.
Josh was asked about how important it is to use his position to glorify God. As he shared, “our number one goal on this Earth is to make disciples…” He continues, “faith in football this Sunday is huge. It’s the platform we have to draw people to the Word, to Jesus. It’s something that we don’t take for granted by any means.”

Jesus is not simply a name or an idea to Josh Ertz, but a real, tangible relationship. “I always knew Jesus. I always knew who He was, but I didn’t have the relationship like I do now.” He recognized those athletes around him who remained steady in their lives amidst the ups and downs. Ertz shared about how he made the decision to make Jesus Christ real in his life by giving his life to Him. “I got baptized this past offseason…so last March was when I truly dedicated my life. It was the best thing that ever happened.”

Many have a relationship with the Lord at a building, but God wants to have a personal relationship with you, in your home, in your heart, wherever you are. Who are you when no one is around? Who are you when the cameras are not flashing? It’s not about ‘going’ to church. It’s about ‘being’ the Church. This is the moment of transformation in our lives. When we no longer live our lives for the eyes of others, but for the eyes of Jesus, powerful things begin to happen in our hearts and our lives.
Are you stable in your faith? Do you want to be just as bold in your faith for Jesus Christ as Josh Ertz is? Do you want to know Jesus Christ in the same way? You can! How does this encourage you in your faith with the Lord? We want to hear from you. See the full interview with Josh Ertz, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Super Bowl 52, NFL Football, Philadelphia Eagles, Josh Ertz, Holy Spirit, baptism, and testimony. Greg and John shared in this segment. screen capture from youtube.comSports Spectrum


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