As we begin this new year, Pastor John Kilpatrick has recently shared numerous prophetic words that the Lord has revealed to him about this year of 2018.  When God shares a prophetic word for you, you will get the prophet’s word when you receive the word.
As Pastor Kilpatrick begins to share about this year, he shares, “this will be a year of paradox. You will see demolition and construction. You will see decisions made, and almost as quickly as they are made, they will be rescinded”. While the world will witness leaders rising to power, some may be surprised as to how long they remain in positions of leadership. God is interrupting events just as Jesus spoke to the storm from the boat, when the disciples were afraid for their lives. “Neither will you know the outcome and plans that have been made against you because even this night, I am interrupting things in your behalf!”
Those that may find themselves with newborn babies, may also find themselves on the receiving end of a bad report regarding their baby. But, do not lose hope. God knows exactly what you need. Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share this powerful prophetic word. “In 2018, the Lord said I am going to interrupt premature death…I will return sons to their mothers again…daughters will be returned from death’s sleep, such as comas and life support to those believing for a miracle.” It is these very miracles that will cause many to come to the Lord.
Pastor John Kilpatrick also shares how the Book of Acts details the series of events that took place when Peter was released from prison, even while the Church was praying for his release. “Likewise, this will be a year of interrupted praying. The answer will be so fast. I will make a quick work. Even the seed sown in the ground will be accelerated, for the Lord said the plowman shall overtake the reaper.”
Pastor Kilpatrick continues to describe how the events of this year will be the realization of what has been declared from generations past. “This is the beginning of what the prophets of old declared. This will be a whirlwind year of confirmations, and fulfillments of ancient Scripture. It will be such a whirlwind year, there will be brief pauses so that you might digest the enormity of my faithfulness! Say NOT that there are four months and then the harvest. NO! THE HARVEST IS HERE NOW! BE PREPARED FOR TIME CHANGE!”
These days have been like a whirlwind and it has taken the grace of the Lord just to digest all that God has been doing and continuing to do in our midst. Be encouraged as you see the full prophetic words from Pastor John Kilpatrick, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, prophetic words, Holy Spirit, Pastor John Kilpatrick, encouragement, faith, hope, the harvest, harvest time, acceleration, prophetic confirmations, fulfillment of prophecy, and the sower. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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PROPHECY! EPIC EVENTS AWAIT 2018 – Pastor John Kilpatrick

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