BILL GATES; Microsoft – OPTIMISTIC ABOUT AMERICA Under President Trump

In this interview, we hear from Bill Gates and how he is optimistic about America. Fareed Zakaria from CNN is pessimistic in this interview, but Bill Gates stays optimistic about America and the world. Fareed Zakaria asked Bill Gates this question: “Yes, I get, that over the long-time span…I know that the standards of living is up, and life expectancy is up, but lots of people are concerned that we’re going through a very dark phase right now, politically, what do you think?”
Bill Gates answers, “Our standards keep going up in America; our disappointment in falling short in those standards are driving us to take the remaining work and be serious about it.” Also, he says, “That despite the current trends that we will not have world wars or a complete breakdown in the world trade system.”
We want to hear from you and what you think about this interview. Also shared in this segment: Future, Politics, Violence. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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