‘POLITICAL SUICIDE REQUIRED to deal with the Surmounting Debt due to TOUCH CHOICES’, Professor Walter Williams, George Mason University

LISTEN NOW! Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM! For those of us in America, we may not fully understand the cost that was embraced by those that fought for America to be birthed. While America has achieved amazing accomplishments, we have also accumulated a staggering amount of debt. As a professor at George Mason University, Professor Walter Williams shares some incredible insight regarding the matter of our national debt.

When Professor Williams sat down with Mark Levin, he shared that “the big collapse will not come until 2030 or 2040.” The downside regarding any potential leader who decides to do the right thing, is how the nation would respond to any such individual. Professor Williams explains. “The major big problem in our spending is Social Security and Medicare. Any Congressman talking about doing something about Social Security, doing something about Medicare, he’s gonna be run out of office”. Knowing these realities, Professor Williams asks this pointed question; “Is it reasonable for us to expect a politician to do what he considers to be political suicide?” In his thoughts, no.

Sad to say, we are treading down the very same roads that so many empires that have gone before us have traveled. What are we going to do? What do our politicians need to do so that we don’t suffer the same demise of consequences? What are your thoughts on our national debt? We want to hear from you. Also shared in this segment: U.S. government, Mark Levin, Fox News, George Mason University, Professor Walter Williams, national debt, politicians, Social Security and Medicare. Greg and John share in this segment. 
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