TECH & BORDER SECURITY Constitutional #1 JOB of U.S. President Trump; Technology and Border Agents Making America Safe Again

One of the most important jobs of the President is to keep American’s safe! A nation without borders is not a nation and our government in America is investing deeply to protect our borders. Protecting our borders is not about keeping good people away but it is about keeping terrorist and people bent on evil away. It’s reported that, President Donald Trump is the only president that has delivered on what he promised and has gone beyond that! And reportedly President Trump is the first president that the border patrol has supported.
Our border patrol agents have been equipped with high tech equipment to guard our borders and they use anything from drones and video surveillance towers to horse power. “These (video surveillance) towers provide incredible situational awareness for the agents,” aid Border Patrol agent Robert Rodriguez. “They have a really big viewshed so they scan a large area to let agents know what is going on in that area. We can see any suspicious vehicles that they may encounter in the area.” According to CBN News just a few agents are able to manage the video surveillance so that agents on the ground can be aware of what they are going to come up against. Also, Chief Manuel Padilla, Jr., who is in charge of the Rio Grande Valley Sector told CBN News, “So what we need to do and keep doing is push our borders outward from a technology base way before they get to our immediate borders.” They say technology is important, but nothing is as important as boots on the ground according to CBN News.
Pray that our Congress will wake up and support our President in protecting our borders. Our Constitution says that the job of the President of the United States is to protect our borders. What are your thought about the president’s job in protecting our borders? We want to hear from you! Also shared in this segment: Smartphone Apps, Security, Camera. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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