TWITTER & TRUMP! Shocking Reason Why President Trump HAS To Have Twitter, Mary Francis Berry


 Mary Francis Berry shares about why President Trump must use Twitter. She says, “The reason why President Trump can’t stop using Twitter is because he cannot use the main stream media…… The main stream media has made it clear from the first day he got elected….. that they are going after Trump…… So he is using Twitter to bypass the main stream media! Main Stream Media, is so adamant against trump, and bias, if he used them his base would never hear him.” Often the media is making up fake stories, so the main stream media left our President no choice than to use Twitter. Main stream media is not covering all the great things that are happening in our country! Thank you, Mary Francis Berry, for helping us understand why President Trump must use Twitter. Get on Twitter and follow President Donald Trump so you can see what he is saying. Also shared in this segment Bishop T.D. Jakes, views, local media, media, fake news. Greg and John shared in this segment.
Source: Wikipedia and Twitter
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