VFNKB #SuccessSecret: THE POWER of Knowing Your WHY; Glenn Beck


So many people focus on the “What” and the “How” often missing the power and fuel of knowing their WHY!  How about you?  Do you know yourwhy”? Glenn Beck explains his why in this segment. “Your “why” is the most relevant aspect in your life, it’s the most relevant aspect on all of it because it (your why)explains it (your what and how) and if you don’t know why you lose.”  It is so important to know your “why”! There is nothing more miserable in your life than not knowing your “why”. We are here at VFNKB to help empower you and encourage you to discover your “why.” Your success is our success, and our success together is Kingdom success! Your why can carry you through all the troubles and difficulties in life. Sign up for the webinar “Discovering Your Why” at VFNKB to learn how to help discover who you are and to find your vision and to give you a plan to succeed in what you do. Also shared in this segment Apple, Family, Marriage, Career, Purpose. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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