WE NEED WARRIORS! Jim Caviezel, Actor who Played Jesus; Challenges Everyman Dies, But Not Every Man Truly Lives; LIVE for Jesus

We hear from Jim Caviezel as he gives a charge to be warriors and to have a warrior mindset. “Set yourselves apart from this corrupt generation; you weren’t made to fit in, you were born to stand out…freedom exist not to do what you like but have the right to do what you ought.” Jim Caviezel goes on to share an excerpt from the movie Braveheart when Mel Gibson stands before his ragtag army. “’Every man dies not every man truly lives…we all must fight for that authentic freedom and live’…You’re not called to blend in you’re called to impact the world.”
We want to help you impact the world at VFNKB. Your success is our success, and our success together is Kingdom Success! You’re not called to blend in you’re called to impact the world.” We want to hear from you and what you think about this message from Jim Caviezel. Also shared in this segment: Apostle Paul, Army, Sin, Slavery. Greg and John shared in this segment.
courtesy of twitter.com/JimmyCaviezel

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Actor, Jim Caviezel Shares How He was CALLED TO PLAY THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME; JESUS
WATCH! Jim Caviezel, Actor who Played Jesus in the Passion Shares how he called to play Jesus; Challenges Us with Everyman Dies, not EveryMan Truly Lives for JESUS

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