“Jesus Never Scolded Anyone for Coming to Him Because They Wanted a Gift…. If you Find His Hand, look Up, He’s Connected” says Bill Johnson, Senior Leader at Bethel



God loves you! When God heals us and shows a miracle in your life, that is God showing His love to you. Bill Johnson, Senior Leader at Bethel, talks about healing in this segment. Many people in the Bible came to Jesus for a gift of healing and He healed them.

“Jesus never scolded anyone for coming to Him because they wanted a gift, instead what He did was provide them with a miracle that directed their heart toward the Father…if you find His hand look, His face is right there.” In the moment of divine intervention look up at the Father Who gave you that good gift. Don’t let anyone ever make fun of you for seeking your healing. You will discover something in the healing that you wouldn’t without it. We want to hear from you and what you think about this. Also shared in this segment prayer, faith, hope, pressure, hardship, love. Greg shares in this segment.

Screen capture from Jesus Image TV

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