RAISING REBELS! PRODigal CHILDren, GOD SPEAKS TO Ruth Graham, wife of Billy Graham, HOW TO SURVIVE



Billy Graham led a humble ministry from beginning to end and ministered to the world. Reportedly he spoke to more people in person than anyone else, totaling 282 million people! As Billy Graham traveled the world his wife, Ruth Graham was left at home to raise their children. 

Ruth Grahamshares her wisdom and what helped her get through a hard time of having a prodigal child. Her daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, asks her mom an important question about what gave her hope when her prodigal was gone? “The promises of God gave me hope because I knew God would keep His hands on my kids…They were given to God before they were born, they didn’t have a chance, “she says.

Hearing this wisdom from Ruth Graham is better than anything you can find in a google search. The word and promises of God give you hope! The pain is hard during the time you have a prodigal, your heart may be broken, andyou don’t know what to do. Or maybe you are a prodigal, and you are ready to come back to God, or you recently came back to God? We all have sinned against God, and you can read our stories at MeetMyFather.org. As parents, we learn as we go, use this precious wisdom from Ruth to get your hope from the promises and the Word of God! We want to hear from you! Also, shared in this segment: Honey, Food, Prisoners, Honor. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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WATCH! Ruth Graham Shares Parenting Wisdom on Prodigals and when to let Go
CHILDREN – HOLD EM or FOLD EM, Parenting Wisdom, Ruth Graham, Wife of Billy Graham, knowing when to LET GO!

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