VFNKB #SuccessSecret THREE KEYS to SUCCESS, Jentezen Franklin, a Butler, a Baker & a Pharaoh


In this VFNKB Success Secret Jentezen Franklin shares on the Joseph example and gives us three keys to success for our dreams to come to pass. “When God has a dream for your life, He will put people in your life that will open doors that you can’t open on your own. God will use them as a door opener.” A butler opens doors. A baker takes the raw ingredients, puts it all together, which we would call a mentor. And He will bring a Pharaoh into your life to finance the dream! “These things happen when you forgive…or you can get bitter and angry and lose the call and the purpose of God on your life. ‘You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.’ Genesis 50:20 “Sometimes God puts you in the Holy Ghost slingshot…If you pass the test of forgiveness, forgiveness can rewrite your future…it looks like you’re having set back, set back, set back, but God just has you in the slingshot, and He is going to release you into the purpose that He has for your life.” 

If you study the life of Joseph, you see how God moved in his life. It is amazing that God chose to work through human beings. Many people have a religious mindset, instead of thinking that God can speak to anyone to help solve their problems. Joseph did not get offended when he was forgotten in prison, but most people do get offended when they are forgotten. As Jentezen Franklin shared, “or you can get bitter and angry and lose the call and the purpose of God on your life.” Joseph did not get bitter or angry and because he kept the right mindset God made him the second man in charge, second to Pharaoh! Don’t have the mindset that because someone doesn’t know Jesus, they can’t talk to you. God loves people! You can’t do this life alone. Maintain your perseverance and keep pushing forward. God created ALL men, and He wants us to impact people and all mountains of culture for Him. Understand that if you follow God and stay faithful to God, suddenly like Joseph you can be promoted. Remember that favor is not fair so don’t pick and choose. We want to hear from you and what you think about these three keys. Tell us your story so we can learn together out loud. You can also check out VFNDreamCenter.org where Greg shared about the life of Joseph in a recent series. Also shared in this segment: Jim Bakker Show, Jesus, VFN Dream Center, Test. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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The Joseph Example – Pastor Jentezen Franklin on the Jim Bakker Show
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