Equally Funded Education; Time to Reexamine Education in America including Christian Education


Every school in America should be funded equally. This has been out of balance for a long while. The way most schools are funded is by property tax in that school’s district. If you have higher value property in a school district, they will get higher funding. Then if you have a lower value property, the schools in that district will be funded less because there is less property tax. Schools are not being treated equally. Every child should have the same opportunity when they go to their district’s school. In an environment where the school is not equally funded it is unjust to the children to not get the full education experience that they need. It creates an atmosphere against the child learning. We believe it is time for the Church to have two different schools. One school is an evangelistic school where it reaches out to the lost and the other school for those that are already Christians and walk with Jesus. Children from these schools will be released into the world knowing the truth and will bring light into this dark world. Future leaders of America will come from being home schooled and these Christian schools that we discussed. We want to hear from you and what you think about this discussion. Also shared in this segment: taxes, funding, equal rights, evangelism, college, salvation, Teen Challenge. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.

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We Support Israel! Let’s Stand Together
WATCH! Equally Funded Education; Time to Reaxamine Education in America including Christian Education; We Support Israel! Let’s Stand Together

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