Prophesy: The Wind of God and His Coming Move of the Spirit

God speaks prophetically to His people. John shares a dream that he had concerning the move of God that is coming. Be encouraged as you listen to these dreams speaking of the move of God that is near. Let these words wash over you and renew you for the exciting times that are coming! Everything is about to shift, and the Church is changing, and it will be so different with this shift that it will be unrecognizable. Through this shift, there will be a known difference between those who are Christians and those who are lost. And through this time millions that are lost will be able to come to Jesus because of this shift.  Get ready for the wind of the Spirit that is coming! We want to hear from you. Also shared in this segment: parachute, mountains, skydiving, covenant, Genesis, baby, birthing, born, new horizon, dreams and visions, hope, and The Holy Spirit. John and Greg shared in this segment.

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