Father’s Heart Wrenching Warning after Daughter Sex Trafficked


In our current generation, many things can take place through social media and technology. We hear from a father who talks about how his daughter was always on social media and how he was surprised to find out it led her to travel to meet someone which ended in her being a victim of a sting operation.

“Yesterday, I get a call from the sheriff, and they have my child in San Jose, and she had been a victim of a sting.” He further describes what had taken place. “It was a nationwide investigation company that was investigating minors being sold online for sex.”

“By the grace of God, it was this man and not a real man that set up a date with my 17-year-old child. She is not innocent, but she was definitely manipulated…This could happen to anybody’s child. You think your kids on the phone, or on the internet, whatever, you think you know what they’re doing…this world doesn’t care about our children man; we got to!”

Something terrible could have happened with this young girl being sex trafficked and possibly being gone forever from her family. Social media is made to look like reality, but you have no idea who you are talking to when you are talking to someone online. Technology cannot take the place of authentic relationships because it is not real. Watch this father as he shares openly about how we need to be careful and keep an eye on what our children are doing. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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