Iranian Man Supernaturally Encounters Jesus


An Iranian Muslim encountered Jesus after he was in a car accident. He shares the encounter that he had, as an out of body experience, and he saw that he just had an accident and could see his body. “There were many black things, they were coming, and they were coming at me, and I just felt myself stressed…and then there was just one bright shiny one, and that one was coming; and when that light was coming, I felt comfortable. I felt safe.” As he was having this out of body encounter, he heard a voice, and he knew it was Jesus. And as soon as he could, he got a Bible and the Jesus film. “For 27 years, I would call out to allah, but I feel like he was never speaking to me. But when I spoke to Jesus, right away answers would come.” Jesus would come to him in dreams so that he could understand the scriptures better. He had many dreams, and Jesus was teaching him in these dreams. After being shown the scriptures in his dreams he gave his life to the Lord, and through this, his family witnessed the change in his life and his brother and family also gave their lives to the Lord. Listen or watch to hear this man’s full amazing testimony and be encouraged! Maybe you are ready to decide to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life? We don’t know when our last day on this earth will be. You can make the decision today! Visit Meet My Father to read our stories and read how you can make Jesus the Lord of your life. Also shared in this segment: Resurrection, eternity, sharia law, and dreams. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 

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