Rescuing Sex Trafficked Children in Thailand- The Sex Tourist Capital of the World


Did you know that there are more slaves right now in the world today than all previous generations combined? Glenn Beck and his team visit Thailand and find out that it is the sex tourist capital of the world.

In this interview Glenn talks about how he and his team broke down because none of their families or friends can connect with them anymore after they came back from their trip because they did not have the same experience. He went to Thailand with the Underground Railroad which helps to free sex slaves. “I knew nothing of Thailand other than, it used to be Siam, which they don’t even know that was the ‘white man’ name for Bangkok…it is the nicest place I have ever been, nicest people I’ve ever met.” Regardless of what wasn’t known about Thailand, Beck and his team all had the overwhelming response after arriving. “In the first 24 hours, all of us said ‘I will never come back here, ever again’…all of us said, ‘I can’t see anymore’”. Beck and his team visited the local F.B.I. office and he was shocked to realize that people knew who he was. “When I sat down next to him…he started with thanking the (Glenn Beck/Mercury One) audience for what they had done and how they are arresting the bad guys from America and from Europe.” Beck hesitates as he shares, “Thailand has become the sex tourist capital of the world…because the laws have become so stringent elsewhere on what you do to a 6-year-old, they go to Thailand.” The biggest reason Thailand has not had a huge response to sex trafficking is because they do not have the same technology as other countries.

Beck traveled to a specific city in Thailand and he was surprised as to what he found. “We went to a street where you can buy anything you want. Where 5-year-old children were offering to sell us a watch.” A watch? That seems innocent enough. Beck thought the same. It was only after one of his operatives instructed him on what was actually taking place. The children were not selling the watch. When a “buyer” responded to the proposed watch, the “buyer” would then be led to the “seller” who would coordinate a specific time and then the “buyer” would decide what specifically to purchase. Beck describes what would then take place. “You’re not picking a watch. They were all the same. You were picking a boy.” Beck further describes the experience. “As I’m walking down the street, I noticed that tattooed on everybody’s hand is a number, and so you pick them out by numbers.” This happens every day.

They saw a young girl on the street who was a prostitute and she couldn’t remember how long she had been in sex slavery. “She told us that she had given up because no one cared, and everybody made fun of her; and her self-esteem had just gone down to where she had nothing else she felt she could do.” When presented with 111 case files, Beck could only get through eight before having to stop. He couldn’t take anymore. He continues with a conversation with a little boy. “The little 6-year-old boy that I had lunch with, I asked him how old he was. He didn’t know for sure. I asked him where he was born. He didn’t know. I asked him about his parents. He didn’t know. I stopped asking him questions. He had been taken at such a young age…”

Glenn shares a horrific reality about pedophiles that specifically want infants. “I saw an American pedophile who was buying infants. That was his thing. I met a child, who, as an infant, couldn’t be consoled, a little girl. They finally had to take her to the hospital because she couldn’t be consoled after being ripped from the arms of a pedophile. They found things lodged inside of her.” Some people are unaware of these terrible tragedies that take place every day. These terrible unspeakable things that happen to these babies and children. “These 111 case files are still open, most of these guys are still at-large, and all of them are coming from Germany, Switzerland, France, or America.” There is only so much resources that the Thai authorities have to eradicate these evils. Beck was asked by the authorities, “Please help us catch these bad guys.”

At VFNKB we have been praying for years to end sex trafficking as have other people and ministries including International House of Prayer. God is answering our prayers and things are shifting to end sex trafficking! You can help with Our Rescue and give donations to further their cause to catch these evil people and to set the sex slaves free! Also shared in this segment: oppression, addiction, bb guns, rape, federal authorities, prayer, technology, computers, donations, Abraham Lincoln, abolish slavery, wealthy, resources, The Pink Room, Cambodia, internet, chat rooms, sexting, Pol Pot, abundance, and support. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 

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WATCH! Rescuing Sex Trafficked Children in Thailand- The Sex Tourist Capital of the World

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