The Racist History of Planned Parenthood


CBN News reports on the history of how Planned Parenthood started, and it was Margaret Sanger’s ideas that began this organization. Reportedly “In many black communities, for every child born, three others are aborted. More than double the rate among whites.” Bishop Daniel Robertson, with Mt. Gilead Baptist Church seeks to turn others away from abortion and to adoption options instead. “We go to the abortion clinics and ask people; there are other alternatives, we try to educate people, let them know you don’t have to do this.” As CBN News’ Charlene Aaron additionally highlights, “Black Americans were long ago targets of the abortion industry. In the early 20th Century, Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood; an organization that later became the nation’s largest abortion provider…Sanger encouraged abortion and sterilization to limit the size of black families.” Pastor Clenard Childress boldly declares, “[abortion] is black genocide.” As Childress explains, Sanger used the African American minister to advance her agenda, because of this Childress points out, “The colored minister, the Negro minister, the African American minister is pivotal right now, in addressing the abortion issue because we have been silent due to political ties and due to some misinformation.”

Change is coming to America, and pro-life decisions are being made through President Donald Trump. We need to stand up for life and be active to help change the narrative concerning babies and new life. We want to hear from you! Also, shared in this segment: Supreme Court Justice, life, eugenics, information, truth, communities, and repentance. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

Screenshot courtesy of CBN News

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