New Report! Evangelism in the Digital Age Across the Generation- Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers


New Report! Evangelism in the Digital Age Across the Generation- Millennial’s, Gen X, and Boomers

Evangelism has changed in this new digital age. Social media and mobile devices have changed the way we talk about faith and technology and digital interactions have made evangelism easier. The great thing about digital evangelism is not regulated to what is happening in a building. Reported by the Barna Group, in Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age, “With the ubiquitous use of social media and mobile devices, the way we communicate has evolved—and, inevitably, so has the way we talk about faith. In a new report produced in partnership with Lutheran Hour Ministries, Barna asked American adults about how they discuss spirituality online. Through posts, comments and profiles, many Christians believe that technology and digital interactions have made evangelism easier: We found that three in 10 (28%) share their faith via social media, and almost six in 10 (58%) non-Christians say someone has shared their faith with them through Facebook. Still, spiritual conversations are fraught in a digital age, and younger generations are among the most cautious about engaging.” In this digital age we don’t have any excuses to not share our faith. Be sure to take advantage of it and share Jesus with everyone that you can! Also, you can read our testimonies at Meet My Father and you can decide to follow Jesus if you haven’t already.

The Barna Group gathered data on digital evangelism which you can see in the images below.

“Digital interactions are changing how we talk to each other about our faith-for better or worse.”

“Who has had someone share their faith with them in the past five years? Who has talked about their faith in past five years?”

“How Christians share their faith online.”

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