WATCH! 7 Monumental Victories for Americans in 1 ½ years, Senator Ted Cruz


7 Monumental Victories for Americans in 1 ½ years, Senator Ted Cruz

We join Senator Ted Cruz at the Faith and Freedom Coalition as he shares about the victories that have happened in less than two years. It is so exciting to go over this good news and remember the good things that God has done and is doing. The first monumental victory Senator Cruz shares are about Judges. “Principle Constitutionalist Judges defending our rights.” He discusses the court case about the baker that declined to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple. “He viewed it as contrary to his faith. Now if we lived in the sort of society that those who call themselves liberals describe a tolerant society, that would have been the end of story. He would have lived according to his faith, and we would have respected that faith and the diversity amongst us. But there are those with a legal agenda that wanted to drive that baker out of business. To punish him and any other person’s faith for daring to live according to their faith.” Religious faith cannot be discriminated against. Recently we have seen people who are for President Donald Trump being thrown out of restaurants.

The next victory Senator Cruz talks about is about abortion. We have prayed relentlessly for years concerning abortion and asking God to end abortion. “We have seen in the last year and a half significant victories preserving innocent life. The very beginning of the Trump administration we have seen a return of the Mexico City which means that our foreign aid will no longer be used to fund abortions overseas.” He talks about how the Obama administration tried to force Christian organizations to pay for abortion-inducing drugs. Which included nuns, “If you are litigating against nuns, you have probably done something wrong.” People are so excited across the world how America is moving.

The third victory Senator Cruz reviews is the “incredible tax cut we saw in December…doubling the standard deduction…not only that we saw marginal tax rates reduced at every bracket…and integral part was doubling the child tax credit… That is real money in the pockets of hard-working families.” Everybody can celebrate with these tax cuts!

The next victory is about the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate! This is a huge deal. Senator Cruz said he led this repeal. “A handful of us began making the case…that this made sense…that it made sense for the 6.5 million people, here’s how the Obamacare individual mandate works. Every year the IRS fines 6.5 million Americans because they can’t afford health insurance.” Because of this repeal, the tax cuts were able to be done for the child tax credit, and the standard deduction was able to be changed. Also, in our counties, there is usually care for individuals in America so no one can be turned away for care!

Senator Cruz continues to share with the fifth victory, school choice. “An amendment that I introduced on the tax bill…It took college 529 savings plans, very, very popular tax advantage plans that you can save for your kids or grand kids to go to college. And it expanded them to cover K-12 education. To cover public school, private school, religious school, parochial school. Your choice up to $10000.00 per child per year.” So many amazing things have happened in these first 500 days of the Trump administration.

The sixth victory is America opening our embassy in Jerusalem! “Presidents in both parties had promised to move our embassy to Jerusalem. Presidents in both parties had broken that promise. We had a year and a half battle in the Trump administration, I energetically argued for moving the embassy, and President Trump made the right decision, and now our embassy is in Jerusalem the once and eternal capital of Israel.” This was the key to releasing the wealth transfer in America!

The seventh victory is America being removed from the Iran Nuclear Deal. “President Obama had sent tens of billions of dollars to the world’s leading states sponsor of terrorism. The Ayatollah Khomeini, who chants ‘death to America and death to Israel’…that deal would have led to the Ayatollah having nuclear weapons.” This is so important to remember these seven awesome victories that have happened in the first 500 days of the Trump administration! We want to hear from you! Also shared in this segment: Nancy Pelosi, Children, Contraceptive, Planned Parenthood, Rights. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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7 Monumental Victories for Americans in 1 ½ years, Senator Ted Cruz
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