WATCH! President Trump Leadership Paying Off NATO; Nations Starting to Pay their Fair Share


President Trump Leadership Paying Off NATO; Nations Starting to Pay their Fair Share

President Donald Trump participated in the 2018 NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Summit. NATO was started to help countries to work together to prevent the Soviet Union from taking over the world. Everyone that is a member of NATO must do their part and pay their fair share to stay a part of NATO. Out of the 29 countries only 5 are paying the 2% that is required, and America is paying more than what is required to help provide protection to other countries. America is reportedly paying $.70 on every dollar for NATO. Which means America has been paying for all the countries that participate in NATO, but everyone needs to pay their own share to stay a part. Because of President Trump’s leadership reportedly 40 billion dollars extra was raised last year for NATO and over 100 billion dollars will be raised this year in 2018. This could potentially mean that America will only have to pay our fair share towards NATO.

What is NATO? It was founded after the second world war and it was to secure peace in Europe and to guard freedom. It was to guard against the threat of the Soviet Union and the first treaty was signed in Washington, D.C. in 1949. It committed the allies to democracy, individual liberty, and the rule of law. If one country that participated in NATO was attacked it was treated as if that attack was against all the countries. Any European nation can participate in this alliance, but they must agree, and must share NATO’s values. They must also be able to provide security for the Euro-Atlantic area and to pay their share of the costs that provides this security. There are currently 29 countries that are in this alliance. Some have said that NATO is no longer needed because of the end of the Cold War but it has evolved over time to make these alliances relevant for these days.

President Trump remarks on NATO in Finland, “We had a fantastic meeting…NATO has never been more together, people are now agreeing to pay. We were having a lot of problems with a lot of people not paying…and they are paying, and they are paying more rapidly. I think NATO has probably never been stronger than it is today.” President Trump also met with Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom. President Trump remarks, “We have probably never developed a better relationship…the relationship is very, very strong.” Many amazing things are taking place and the global structure is being shifted and changed. Kim Clement prophesied about this that God will be shifting things in the nations and that God has heard our prayers and He has done these changes in America and the world! Don’t stop praying because God is going to pour out revival on the nations.

Pastor John Kilpatrick, with Church of His Presence, prophesied about the economic changes that will take place in America before it even happened. Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz Chief Economic Advisor, former PIMCO CEO, shares on CNBC the good news about America and confirms what Pastor Kilpatrick prophesied. “In relative terms we (America) are winning and we will win…I call it the ‘Regan Moment” for trade. When people realize that at the end of the day the U.S. will prevail, because it is a less open economy, because it is a multi-dynamic economy, that ultimately you may end up in a situation where the U.S. position in global economic terms is better off. One of the upside risks (of the trade war) is that you may end up changing the global landscape in a way that favors the U.S.” This is great because the theory is, peace through strength. We are seeing this take place in the world.

It is important for our country, America, to be taken care of before we take care of other countries which President Trump is working hard to make sure that is done. This would be the same type of action for other countries, for them to take care of themselves before helping other countries. When it is done this way, it puts your country in a better place to help others. A healthy America helps everyone, and the great economy changes confirms that it is only God’s doing! Our prayer is for God to bless every country with Judeo-Christian government so that the same great changes can be made in all countries. Make sure to watch or listen to hear the full segment. We want to hear from you! Also shared in this segment, China, Kindness, England, Great Awakening, Marshall law. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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President Trump Leadership Paying Off NATO; Nations Starting to Pay their Fair Share
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