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Small Business is Winning Again in America, Linda McMahon, Small Business Administration

Small business is winning again in America, and we now have more jobs available than people looking for a job! Only God can do these great things that are happening! Linda McMahon Administrator of Small Business Administration is interviewed by Fox Business concerning the success of small businesses now in America. “It is amazing what tax cuts have done and how it has stimulated the economy.” This is so important because the currency needs to flow in America and not just to be stacked up in the government. This is the only way for America’s economy to thrive. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.” That means for the government to pay for everything, you would be living off someone else’s money, not your own. We were designed to work and be creative.

Reportedly in Florida, 80% of all new hires are done by small businesses. Administrator McMahon continues, “For the first time, we have more jobs than we have people looking for them with employment down to 3.8%. I do hear from small businesses that they are having problems finding skilled workers.” She is working with the Secretary of Education and the Secretary of Labor to help people by organizing programs in community college and tech schools so that people will be ready to work in the private sector. There are also many Christian companies growing, and as believers, we must make sure that we are supporting those businesses.

In previous years there were so many regulations restricting American businesses which caused many people not to pursue owning their own business or to give up their business. It was very oppressive and costly. But now with President Donald Trump in office, he has done away with so many regulations. Administrator McMahon shares the number of regulations that have been cut. This is a great victory for small businesses. “What I have heard more and more is about the amount of regulations that small business had to comply with. But now having rolled back a lot of that they can spend more time on their businesses and growing their businesses than they do now having to comply with regulations…the president has said he is just getting started…for every one (regulation) they had to roll back two but actually did twenty-two.” Twenty-two for every one regulation has been rolled back! The many restrictions were about controlling us, but that is changing!

It is amazing to see these positive changes happening in America and how much opportunity that is available. This is just the beginning! We want to hear from you, and you can email us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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VFNKB #SuccessSecret:  The Keys to Winning- Nick Saban, Alabama Football Coach

In this VFNKB Success Secret, Nick Saban, head football coach for the University of Alabama, gives us the keys to winning! Coach Saban has had 223 victories and 62 losses in his career and out of 22 championship games he has won 13! He is a very successful coach and gives a great success secret.

“The real key to winning is all about mindset, mindset in your organization. For me is starts with you, gotta have a vision… It doesn’t really matter what you want to accomplish or what you want to do; you have to have a vision for it… Where people fail, the most is you have to have the discipline to execute it every day. What is discipline…how I define it… Something you know you are supposed to do but you really don’t want to, but you do it anyway…this is what helps us stay focused on the process of what we need to do to accomplish the vision we have… Undisciplined people do dumb things, disciplined people do smart things, which one are you? Everyone has to overcome this…am I going to do what I feel like doing or am I going to choose to do the things I need to do to accomplish the goal and vision that I have?”

This points out the struggle between flesh and spirit that we have. We must choose to do the things that will help us meet our goal and vision if we want to be successful. Success doesn’t just happen, it takes time and hard work. For example, Michael Johnson spent a 1,000 hours preparing for the 200-meter race so he could win a gold medal in the Olympics. As Coach Saban said, “You have to have the discipline to execute it every day.” This is the difference between dreamers and doers, at some point doers execute. At VFNKB we want to help you be successful in your business and personal life! Contact us on our website or email at [email protected] we want to hear from you. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Small Business is Winning Again America, Linda McMahon, Small Business Administration
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