Debunking Planned Parenthood Myth: Abortions are only 3% of Services they Offer


In this segment, we look at Planned Parenthood and their self-reported abortion statistic that abortions are only 3% of the services they offer. Live Action helps to debunk this myth and uncovers the true statistics by using Planned Parenthood’s reports. “According to their own Annual Report, Planned Parenthood commits over 300,000 abortions per year. Last year alone, they did 323,999 abortions, which averages to 887 abortions per day, 37 abortions per hour, and one abortion every 97 seconds.” After researching the number of patients that are seen at Planned Parenthood and dividing that by the amount of abortions that they commit, that equals to 1 in every 8 patients gets an abortion. Also, Planned Parenthood commits 30.6 % of abortions in America! If a lie is told long enough one can start to believe it and it seems that this lie is being repeated by many pro-abortion people concerning Planned Parenthood.  Make sure to listen or watch the full program to hear the full report. We want to hear what you think about this article; you can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 

Screenshot Courtesy of Live Action

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