President Trump met at the White House with African American pastors from all over the Nation, and we see the fulfillment of the prophecy. We are so grateful for the pastors going to the White House and representing the Church. We hear from President Trump as he welcomes the pastors, “Throughout our history, America’s Church’s and religious leaders have called for change and have inspired us to care for and bring hope back to those in need. So many people in need, these are the people that they do a job, it’s really largely unrecognized…We’ve increased and created 3.7 million more jobs since election day. African American and Hispanic unemployment rates have reached the lowest levels in recorded history.” 


Pastor John Gray, Opening Prayer, Relentless Church, Greenville, SC


Pastor Marvin Winans, Jr. Tampa, FL


Dr. Alveda King, American Activist, Author, and Former Georgia State Representative


Bishop Harry Jackson, The Hope Connection


Pastor Van Moody, Worship Center, Birmingham, AL


Pastor Phillip G. Goudeaux, Calvary Christian Center, Sacramento, CA


Pastor Julian Lowe, Oasis Church, Los Angeles, CA


Pastor Benny Perez, Church LV, Las Vegas, NV


Pastor Darrell Scott, New Spirit Revival Center, Cleveland Heights, OH


Bishop Kelvin Cobaris, Impact Church, Orlando, FL


Pastor Sharon Nesbitt, Dominion Church, Marion, AR


Bishop Dale Bronner, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Atlanta, GA


Pastor John Gray, Relentless Church, Greenville, SC


Pastor Mike Freeman, Spirit of Faith Christian Center. Drive Temple Hills, MD


Reverend William Owens, Founder and President, Coalition of African American Pastors



Bishop Kyle Searcy, Fresh Anointing House of Worship, Montgomery, AL


Pastor John Ponder, Family Christian Center, Las Vegas, NV


Bishop Darrell Hines, Christian Faith Fellowship Church of God in Christ, Milwaukee, WI


Reverend Wilfredo De Jesus, New Life Covenant Church, Chicago, IL


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