PROPHECY! 2 New SUPREME COURT JUSTICES-A Samuel and a Deborah-Charlie Shamp


Despite all that we are seeing in the world today we can know that God knows everything and is in control. When we abide with God by spending time with Him, He will tell us what we need to know, and we will be in partnership with Him. As we look through history, we can see when something great was about to happen when terrible things were going on in the earth.

With the propaganda and smear campaign that is going against government officials and supreme court nominees, we can find out who is of God and a prophet of God by their stance. A true prophet of God is bold, and a false prophet of God is fierce. We have seen this fierce jezebelic spirit coming across secular media, and there was a prophecy by Billy Yount that anchors are coming down! The Jezebel spirit seduces people into something and then attacks them for what they were seduced into doing. Also, the Jezebel spirit accuses people of the opposite of who the person is, which we can see this in how many people in government positions and an appointee are being falsely accused. Right now, it is like the last stand of the media saying all the lies they can say before they go down. We are watching news industries go down, and news anchors go down. This is the beginning of a transition and a shift, and we need to have faith in God and how powerful He is! God is in control, and He is activating what He is going to do here on the earth. At VFNKB our goal is to provide the news from a Biblical perspective and to give you hope! We must pray and keep praying for this seducing fierce Jezebel spirit to come down.

Charlie Shamp, President of Destiny Encounter, gives a prophetic word on Elijah Streams concerning two new Supreme Court justices that are going to be appointed. “The Lord showed me that there was a Supreme Court Justice from California that would be stepping down and that the Lord would, in turn, raise up, what He termed, a Samuel and put into the Supreme Court. We are seeing that right now take place.” He says that from what the Lord has shown him, he is seeing that the Samuel is Judge Brett Kavanaugh. “As I was praying about that very word the Lord showed me that not only is He going to put a Samuel there, but He is also raising up a Deborah. I believe that there is a man that is going to be placed in right now and then there is going to be another Supreme Court Justice coming, and that will be a woman, that God calls Deborah.” Charlie says that God has not shown him yet who the Deborah will be.

Currently many are calling the Supreme Court the most powerful position in America, but that is Constitutionally wrong! That position has been used as a leverage of power, but Congress is the most powerful branch, and everything is shifting back to that. God is changing it! Since the Trump Administration has been in office much has been done to restore our government to line up with the U.S. Constitution. Keep praying and be ready to vote in the mid-term elections! We want to hear from you, you can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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