Secretary Ben Carson: Christians Must Vote; Most important Election of our Lifetime – Values Voter Summit 2018


Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, HUD, has done great things since he has been in this position. He has helped to launch EnVision Centers across America to bring help and education to those in need. Also, he discovered billions of dollars that were misappropriated in HUD in the Obama Administration, and he has worked to correct that problem. Dr. Carson is speaking at the Value Voters Summit and implores us to get out and vote in the mid-term elections.

Dr. Carson speaks of his run for president and that he didn’t think that was possible but there were over 500,000 petitions for him to run and he prayed and said, “if You really want me to run then You will have to provide…” He was able to raise more money than the Republican National Committee, to fund his race. He ran for president because he felt that God was calling him to do that. He shares that, “The Lord obviously has a pathway and what we have to do is be willing to go down the pathway. Even though it may not be the pathway that we had planned for ourselves.”

Dr. Carson speaks of his childhood and how he didn’t think he would live to be 20 or 25 at the most. That is what he thought his pathway in life was. He didn’t’ think he could have the American dream. “So many people who have forgotten, or who don’t think the American dream is for them…there was a governor who recently said America wasn’t great, had never been great!” He speaks of history and how even from the beginning many were against and criticized America. “It was my mother who had very little education…she was the one that made the difference…my mother worked as a domestic cleaning other people’s houses and from one job to the next…2 or 3 jobs at a time because she really wanted to be self-sufficient, but she was really a spy. Because she was in there looking at these people and she said what makes these people successful. She concluded that they didn’t watch a lot of TV, but they did read a lot.” Dr. Carson said that she came home and imposed on him and his brother to read books. He says as he started reading he realized, “That the person that has to do the most with you, is you.” Everything in his life or environment that was against him he pushed it aside, and he thought about what he could do.

Dr. Carson continues speaking of a trip to Puerto Rico and that he was speaking to a representative there and he asked how they have prayer in the schools. “She said they (government) said we couldn’t have it; it went all the way to the Supreme Court and they said we couldn’t have it, but we did it anyway.” Prayer and faith are a part of our nation, and we need to stop listening to the people that are trying to drive that out of our country! “Even things that we used to all take for granted like a person is innocent until proven guilty. What happened with that? If you really understand the big picture of what’s going on with Judge Kavanaugh it will make perfectly good sense to you.” Dr. Carson speaks of the fact that there have been people all the way back to the Fabians who have tried to change America. Many don’t like what America is and what this country stands for. “They want to change us to another system, in order to do that there are three things they must control, the educational system, the media, and the courts. The first two they have and the courts they thought they had but it was snatched out from under their noses in November of 2016. They are like wet hornets and have gone completely off the deep end and the further they get away from being able to control the courts the more desperate they become.” He is saying that now that those against our country see that they are losing the courts for a whole generation, there is much chaos and destruction.

“We are Americans first. We are not democrats or republicans or what have you…I think Jesus said it best, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” …We are a very powerful nation, and it would be very difficult for someone to bring us down from the outside, but we can be brought down from the inside. And that is particularly the case as we throw away the values and the principles that made us into a great nation as we start listening to the politically correct people. Political correctness is the most destructive enemy that this country has ever seen. It causes good people to remain silent when they should speak out.” Because of all that is happening in our country, it will cause people to not want to move into government positions because of fear of their reputation being ruined.

“We need to recognize the importance of those values and not let anybody frighten us away from the principles and the values, the Godly principles and values that established this country. We need to make it perfectly clear that it is okay to live your life based on Godly principles, of loving your neighbor, of caring about your fellow man, of developing your God-given talents to the utmost so that you become valuable to the people around you. Of having values and principles that govern your life.”

Dr. Carson and others in President Donald Trump’s cabinet come together in a Bible study, and it is the first Bible study reportedly in 100 years. It is important for us to vote in the coming elections and to help keep our country getting back to the original intent. Pray for everyone that is serving us in government positions and those that are running in the elections. You can read more about those that are running in the elections and register to vote here. We want to hear from you, you can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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