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In this VFNKB Success Secret, Pastor Jentezen Franklin gives us two marks that every leader has. God is into your success and wants you to be fruitful in your life! Be encouraged by this VFNKB Success Secret!

Pastor Franklin states that the first mark of a leader is that a leader gets results! He gives some examples of this remarking that if you take your car to get it repaired by a Master Mechanic and after that person works on it and it is towed out of the garage by a tow truck that person no matter what their degree or title is, is not a leader because they did not get results! “Results determine leadership, are you able to get results?” The second mark of a leader is that a leader is determined by their fruitfulness. Pastor Franklin gives the example of Moses and how they chose the first priest and tribe by using dead sticks and whoever’s stick budded at the end of this would be the first priest and Aaron’s stick budded. “You are to follow a leader that produces fruit!”

Pastor Franklin gave us great wisdom that we can carry daily in the areas that we are leaders and then gives us the perspective we need to examine those in leadership in our lives to make sure they are getting results and bearing fruit. What do you think about this? We want to hear from you, you can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Screenshot courtesy of Youtube.com Jentezen Franklin

Two Things That Mark EVERY Leader | Jentezen Franklin
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