PROPHECY! Doing in 7 Days what use to take 7 Years! Energy, Time, and Work Aligning with Heaven- Chuck Pierce


Hearing a prophetic word from the Lord can change our lives completely, and it can give us the strength to keep moving! Chuck Pierce speaks with Sid Roth and shares a prophetic word that is for 2018!

“I think we have to understand that God is not in time, we are in time. What I see is when these portals are open like what is happening this year, all of a sudden time begins to realign. Things you have been waiting on…align properly…so what’s happening right now, He is aligning these portals, this energy is coming into us and your moment is producing momentum…all of a sudden, when you’re in that moment with the Lord, He is energizing you, so you don’t lose strength, you move forward at an accelerated rate, and before long, what you couldn’t do in 7 years, you can do in 7 days.”

Don’t base on where you are going now based on the last season you were in! The last season was hard, but the reality is when God begins to move you must move in that momentum!  Many people miss their momentum because they miss their moment. It is about today, what are you going to do? God tells us things prophetically so that we can prepare before it happens and be ready for the moment! Declare good things over yourself and your life and situation! Come into agreement with what God has said. Maybe you have seen this prophetic word come to pass in your life? We want to hear from you; you can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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