Pastor John Kilpatrick, with Church of His Presence, gives a prophetic word that is encouraging about the year 2018. Pastor Kilpatrick has shared many prophetic words and so many have been touched and encouraged by what God has revealed to him. He also gave Greg a prophetic word concerning a move that was happening, and he was able to hold on to that word in faith that what God said would happen! Some of these words that Pastor Kilpatrick shares may apply to you some may not, but there are many words so be sure to listen to them all.

Pastor Kilpatrick starts with a word, Against All Odds. “I saw a modern-day David emerge from the shadows with a slingshot in his hand and a fistful of extra stones. It was not the Goliath of old that this David confronted but a structure…an elaborate structure under construction.  It was gigantic; it had a network of chambers in it. The height and the breadth of it was intimidating to look at, as I saw David standing there, before such a structure, I could not help but think how insignificant and inadequate that little David appeared. As he released a stone from his sling, it appeared at first to be random and without direction. It appeared to miss the mark because I could hear the ricochet and hit many pillars on the bottom floor. But as it ricocheted it gained strength and quickly began to climb from the bottom pillars to the very apex…the building did not implode…it toppled and feel like a giant head first.” He said he couldn’t help but think about the Tower of Babel, but once it fell, there was rejoicing in the streets. “Something sinister and evil had just collapsed.”

Next, he speaks the word, Not so Fast. He shares how Jezebel’s fall was fast. “But as it was with Jezebel of old, her feet, her hands, and her skull survived. The feet speaks of where she’s been. Her hands speaks of what she’s done. And her skull speaks of her evil intentions. These forensics will cause her to surely be found out. It has been hidden and covered up, but it has not been buried. The land is in chaos and must be requited because of the shedding of innocent blood. By the way, the house of Ahab will also come to naught this year.”

He continues with a word of knowledge, “Within 12 hours, your misfortune will be transformed into a fortune. It will simply be the mercy of your loving Father. This will be a divine retribution for the injustice that you have had to endure. When the gavel comes down, you will keep asking ‘did this really happen, or am I dreaming?’”
Greg also had a dream about the justice coming, and as soon as the gavel came down, gold rain started raining in the courtroom! Provision is coming!

Take hold of these words, and maybe you have already seen some of these words come to pass in your life. We want to hear how you are encouraged by this! Write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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