WATCH! Tipping Point in America; Value Voters Summit: Congressman Meadows, Pelosi’s District going to “crap”?


America is at The Tipping point, Pastor John Kilpatrick and Former DNC Leader Donna Brazile

We are at the tipping point in America! Pastor John Kilpatrick nailed it when he said Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was the tipping point in our nation.  Donna Brazile, former DNC leader also said the same thing.  “What goes around comes around, and the whirlwind, it feels more like a hurricane force is going to hit us…all I know is that we are at a tipping point moment in this country.”

Where are we going to go in America? Are we going to go to God’s original intent for this nation? If we look at our founding documents and America’s history, we see where God’s Word is at the very foundation of our nation! Because America is at a tipping point, it is very important that you vote! You can find out more here about the values of the candidates in your state. You can be a value voting person. We want to hear from you; you can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Value Voters Summit: Congress Mark Meadows Midterm Elections Vital to Continue Progress in America

There is nothing like someone that will stand up for God in our country! The Value Voters Summit helps Americans to align with the values of what America stands for and was founded upon. Congressman Mark Meadows spoke at the Values Voter Summit 2018 and shares how important the mid-term elections are to continue the great progress we have in America.

But I’m here to tell you that if we do not continue to stay engaged, the very first thing that a House of Representatives, that if it has a Speaker Nancy Pelosi will do will be, impeach this president. So, it is important that we show up again on November 6th. It is important that we stay engaged because the progress that this president has made is remarkable. Now, you’ve heard about some of the things already, but I can tell you early on I was concerned that some of those campaign promises weren’t going to be kept. And the president told me, he says, Mark, I want to tell you, when I was there advocating on behalf of moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, not only was he going to do it, he would do it quickly, and indeed he has. And that’s the kind of president, a promise-keeping president, we have. But it’s even in the small things. For three years I’ve been saying the Palestinians haven’t been willing to negotiate in a good manner in terms of actually having peace in the Middle East, and I felt like that it was deplorable. I thought it was deplorable that we would have a PLO office here in Washington, D.C. And it took this president to say enough is enough and let’s close it down. And that’s how serious he is. But perhaps you’ve seen in recent days – in fact, just yesterday – the headlines come out that Rod Rosenstein talked about actually wearing a wire and going into the Oval Office to secretly record this president. I think the time is now that we need to hold those at DOJ and FBI accountable. The time – it’s past time, and it is time that we hold them accountable. Yes, without a doubt, it is time. It is time. So, I think Rod needs to come before Congress this week and explain under oath what exactly he said and what he didn’t say. I think it’s time. Now, we can be concerned about comments about wearing a wire that weren’t deployed that they’re talking about, but I can tell you I’m more concerned about wires that were deployed that they’re not talking about when they’re spying on a Trump campaign. It is time that they come clean on that. We need to declassify the documents and make sure the American people can see for themselves. It is time. It is time.

“It is also time that we continue to speak up from our communities each and every day and not let the left silence our willingness to stand up for this great country. We need to make sure we speak up. I can tell you there are few things that unite us other than truly our values. But I can also say this, is that when we look at standing up for our country, it is important that we not make a political statement. I think that it is not appropriate to make a political statement at a wedding. It’s not political – OK to make a political statement at a funeral. And it is not OK to make a political statement when we have the flag and when we stand to salute it. We need to honor our veterans and make sure that we stand and let them know that we’re united. It is not OK. It is important.

“So, I want you to stay engaged. I want you to once again applaud this president for being proud of who we are. When you have a pastor, Andrew Brunson from my state, my area – from Buncombe County – who has been held hostage over in Turkey, it’s gratifying to know that I’ve got a president that not only will talk the talk, but walk the walk and stand up on behalf of religious freedom. It is key.”

It is exciting to see Congressman Meadows stand up for our country! You can find out more about the candidates running in your state here and see what their values are. Get out and vote! We want to hear from you; you can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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Nancy Pelosi’s District Going to “Crap,” Literally

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi represents the city of San Francisco, California. She is one of the biggest fundraisers in Congress but from what has been reported her city has gotten so dirty that humans are defecating on the streets. It has gotten so bad to the point that the city has $12 million in their budget to hire people to pressure wash the streets and sidewalks of human feces.

To help combat this problem Sean Miller created an app for a smartphone named, SnapCrap. He made this app so that residents in San Francisco can take a picture of the feces and send it along with the location to the city’s information line. Then they can dispatch someone to clean it up which they are being called the ‘poop patrol.’ Congresswoman Pelosi is trying to change things in our country while her city is falling apart. You can walk down the street, and you will see people defecating on the street.

This is horrible, and we need to pray for this city! A good question is to ask is where does your city stand? It is important for your city to stand for God. Greg shares how he visited San Francisco, but he saw how it is a dirty city. It is the local government that needs to make changes to clean this city up. If you are a part of this district contact Congresswoman Pelosi and ask for a change to come! We want to hear from you; you can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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America is at The Tipping point, Pastor John Kilpatrick and Former DNC Leader Donna Brazile
Mid Term Elections Gulf Coast Prayer Meeting- November 5th

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