#SuccessSecrets – Avoid Frustration and Wasting Time! What Matters Most to You?


God is into your success, and we together can be successful in this life! In this VFNKB Success Secret John shares a dream. God showed him football players at their graduation ceremony. One of these men stood up and said, “I have some good things and bad things. Let the main thing be the main thing.” Suddenly, one of these men turned into Bishop T.D. Jakes. Then Bishop Jakes began to speak as well. Jakes was holding a baby in each of his hands as he spoke these words. “Do these two well and trust God with the rest.” And the success secret learned from this dream is to know what matters most in your life and devote your time and effort to those things! Also, to not let what matters least compromise what matters most. This statement is such a powerful nugget of wisdom to hold on to. We need to be in touch with our values and what matters most in our lives! It is important to write down what matters most and to devote your life to that!

In his book, He-Motions, Bishop Jakes points out that the highest rate of suicide is men in their 50’s. Don’t end your life, change your values. When we look at each of our lives, what matters in the end? Without God, nothing in life makes sense which is why we all need Jesus! If you don’t know Jesus as Lord of your life, you can make that decision today! You also must spend alone time with God which is abiding with Him. To establish your values, you need to talk to God, and He will reveal to you His plan for you. You can get your free abiding plan here today. You can also read our stories of how we decided to make Jesus the Lord of our lives at Meet My Father. We want to hear from you! You can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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