Benny Hinn Asked, What Keeps You from Getting Healed?


What is keeping you from getting healed? Many have asked this question wondering why God has not healed them. Benny Hinn with Benny Hinn Ministries has traveled the world and seen thousands of healings take place and he is asked this question, and he gives the answer that many have been seeking.

“I can tell you what Ms. (Kathryn) Kuhlman used to say. ‘That God cannot heal people who are all wrapped up in themselves.’ …I have seen it in my own meetings; you see somebody who is so uptight, begging God to heal them. God cannot get through that. So, healing comes when they relax, and the presence of Jesus becomes more real than the disease. So, the minute the presence of the Lord is more real than the sickness, they’ll get healed.”

If you desire for healing right now, Benny gives a response of how to receive that healing. “All they have to do is focus on the Lord, and not the disease…” He shares how many people must come to him during a crusade and told him they were healed when they prayed for someone else. “Healing never comes when we focus on ourselves. And we are begging God, ‘Please’ …it doesn’t happen, and Ms. Kuhlman was right, they are wrapped in themselves, and when they are so wrapped in themselves, God cannot get through that. So, He waits till they relax. Forget about themselves, that’s the key, and the presence of the Lord is the only thing that allows you to forget yourself. So, when you see Jesus, you will not see your disease.”

Greg shares how this happened to him during the Brownsville Revival. He had a sickness in his esophagus. He was so busy serving others in the revival that he didn’t even know he had been healed! He celebrated by going to eat hot wings. Be encouraged by this word and let us know how God has healed you! You can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Screenshot courtesy of Charisma Magazine and Charisma News

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