WATCH! What Did Rick Joyner mean by saying, “You are going to see the Body of Christ take on a Military Demeanor?” + #WisdomMoments: No Vision = No Harvest


What Did Rick Joyner mean by saying, “You are going to see the Body of Christ take on a Military Demeanor?”

Rick Joyner shared a prophecy titled Army of the Dawn, and it is accurate as to what God is saying about the Church. “You are going to see the body of Christ take on a military demeanor. It doesn’t mean we are going out killing people. It’s not what this army is about. We go out to heal them, raise them from the dead. You know not to wound them but to heal them. Not to conquer them but to set them free…but there is a military discipline that we have got to have a military demeanor I think you are going to see come upon the body of Christ more and more.”

God is a God of order, not chaos or confusion. In the body of Christ, the enemy is working hard to divide people from each other, but we must have order within the Church.  God is giving the Church a grace to get in order and to take on this military demeanor, which is the Church walking in the order that God has called us to, that Rick prophesied about.

Steve shares about his experience in boot camp how order and unity quickly happen. A simple understanding of military boot camp is a great example of this. At the onset, there can be 50-70 individuals standing together. After a few short months, there is no individual, only one body. With the shout of one voice and every footstep together. That is a powerful demonstration of how the Body of Christ is to respond to the commands of our Lord, walking in unity and agreement.

When you look at the men and women in the military, they are unified and fighting for the person on their left and their right because they have a relationship with that person. And because of this, it causes the military to be stronger because they are not only fighting for a nation but each other. At your Church do you have a relationship with the people that you sit beside every Sunday? Do you know if they are going through any difficulty? When we look at the Church, presently it seems that many have focused more on numbers and the number of people that they can get to come to a service while at the same time neglecting relationships.

You can ask yourself if you are a person of order. Do I get offended when I am asked to do something? Do I have a place in the body?  Do I know my call and my purpose? Rick stated that, “Less than 10% of Christians know their purpose.” Also that, “90% of Christians do not know their call.” Am I ready to be launched into what God has called me to do? It is time for us to move into this season and begin a life of order if we haven’t been walking in the right order.

We must spend time with God because we can’t walk in order unless we hear from God on how to do that. If you need help on how to spend time with God every day you can get your free plan at iAbide. Also, discipleship is important! Through discipleship we can learn how to walk in the order God has called us to so that we can be unified with the body of Christ and teach others to do that same. Knowing our purpose and our place in this life is important, and this will naturally be made known to you as you come to know Jesus and walk in the order He has called us to. If you need help with discipleship, you can start your journey today on Emmaus Road! We want to hear from you and what you think about this! You can write to us at [email protected]. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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#WisdomMoments: No Vision = No Harvest

In this wisdom moment, we share that when you have no vision, there is no harvest!

“Sluggards do not plow in season; so at harvest time they look but find nothing.” Proverbs 20:4

A farmer will have a vision for what he is planting. He will see what the outcome will be before he has even planted the seed! He must prepare for the harvest that will come. Many people want good things in their life, like for God to move in their life, or to get their dream job, but they only want it. They don’t have a vision for their desires.

There will be no harvest without first plowing the fields and preparing for the vision to come to pass. Plowing the soil is messy and doesn’t always look the best, but it must be done with the vision/harvest in mind! There is a process to the harvest coming, and it takes much faith and patience. Also, you must keep your vision before you as you wait for the harvest!

“In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” James 2:17

If we just expect a harvest but don’t prepare for it, we will not have it! We must move in action according to the vision, and in that, we can expect a harvest. What do you think about this wisdom moment? Write to us at [email protected] and tell us about it. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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What Did Rick Joyner mean by saying, “You are going to see the Body of Christ take on a Military Demeanor?”
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